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Life In The Finland Woods

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This is an old country waltz which has been around for a lot of years. I play it in the key of  ”D”.  The other 2 chords are  ”G”  and  ”A”  or  ”A7″

Folsom Prison Blues

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This is a terrific country song ideally suited for a jam session. It’s a 3 chord song played here in the key of  ”C” such that the other 2 chords are  ”F”  and  ”G7″.  The chord changes are obvious. This same chord progression is used for thousands of songs.

O Sole Mio (It’s Now Or Never)

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You may also recognize this song as  ”It’s Now Or Never” recorded by Elvis Presley. It’s a perfect accordion tune featuring 3 basic chords. I’m playing it in the key of  ”C” with an F minor thrown in for good measure.

Under Paris Skies



This is the ultimate accordion song. Close your eyes and come with me to visit a  Cafe in Paris.